General Vendor Flow Downs

The following is Tomak’s general flow down agreement.

By accepting this purchase order the Vendor shall notify Tomak, in a timely manner, of any nonconforming product to make arrangements for its disposition. The Vendor shall grant reasonable access to Vendor’s facilities to representatives of Tomak, Tomak’s customers, and/or regulatory agencies for the purpose of evaluating Vendor’s conformance to Purchase Order requirements. The Vendor shall retain records for a minimum of 15 years. When applicable, the access requirement and record retention shall be flowed down by Vendor to Vendor’s sub-tier sources. Vendors will be evaluated on Quality and Delivery performance.

The supplier warrants that Counterfeit Supplies shall not be supplied to the Purchaser or installed in the Purchaser’s products by the Supplier. The Supplier warrants that only new, unused, authentic, genuine and legitimate items shall form part of the Supplies supplied to the Purchaser.

Please make your personnel aware of their contributions to ethical behavior, product safety, and product or service conformity.


Please visit the links below for current requirements. Email if a link is not working.

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