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On-Time Precision Machining. Excellent Customer Service.

Tomak Precision, dba AWS Industries, is a woman-owned, customer-service-oriented, small business providing quality precision machined parts on-time. Tomak machines hard-to-turn materials for the aerospace, power-generation, medical, hydraulic and machine tool industries. Short-notice orders, prototypes, short run or full production runs, Kanban, just-in-time (JIT) or safety stock parts. Tomak provides Swiss turning/milling, turning, milling, EDM, grinding, finishing and manufacturing engineering services. Tomak holds the rights to Mosler Safe Proprietary Designs for nuclear power plant equipment. A Certified Woman-Owned Business, Tomak Precision is ISO/AS registered.

ISO/AS Registered

Short-Notice Orders

Hard-to-Turn Materials

JIT and Kanban

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